Kuang Hwa Chemical Co., Ltd. (KHC) founded by Mr. Chen Han-Cheng in 1965, KHC was previously situated in Taoyuan County and relocated in 1980 to Hsinchu City for its geographical conveniences to the main access highway. Surrounded by Chu-Nan town and Tou-Fen town, the company location’s also bounded by the most renowned exquisite golf course and Hsinchu National Science Park.

During the meantime in 1983, Kuang Hwa Chemical Co., Ltd become affiliated with Spring Field Ltd, an import and export company that marketing Insecticide, Herbicide, and Fertilizer at the national level. Following a plan of conversion, Kuang Hwa Chemical Co., Ltd has successfully incorporated Bion Tech Inc. in 2002, a sub-branch company in research, develops and manufacturing the biological control reagents for agriculture. 

Currently, the company extended its service and product line to oversea such as Japan, Korea, China and Vietnam. Kuang Hwa Chemical Co., Ltd has also undergone to the plan of launch the marketing department to serve its product in the northern America and Europeans continents in the near future.

Within the chemical series, Kuang Hwa Chemical Co., Ltd serves and offers number of selections in InsecticideFungicideHerbicidePlant Growth Regulator & Fertilizer, and Public Health Product. The research team strives hard to maintain with bi-directional concerns in consumers’ health issue and effective results of the products. Firstly, each of the products is fully tested to reduce its toxin down to harmless level; secondly, all products are analyzed by highly trained researchers in conducting the field experiment from various geographic locations to obtain frequent results on pest control.

Among all other pesticide companies, Kuang Hwa Chemical Co., Ltd has been known as the most regulatory company and strives diligently for its products control, to ensure the quality line of each every product. Kuang Hwa Chemical Co., Ltd is also proudly to announce that all products are granted by the Taiwanese government with complete set of pesticide licenses. The company is also one of the top national branches that obtained IS0-9002 certification since 1998 to further produce and serve the market.

Land and soil pollution has decreased as Taiwanese industry moves out of heavy industry; however, several toxic sites continue to pose challenges. Solid waste disposal has become less of a problem as a nation-wide recycling movement has taken hold. Kuang Hwa Chemical Co., Ltd is proudly committed in assisting its environmental control, and takes great concerns to maintain highest achievement in securing the environmental effects with the Department of Agricultural, and Department of Environmental Control.