Kuang Hwa Chemical

Kuang Hwa Chemical founded in 1965 by the president Mr. Chen Hanzhen, the factory was established in Guishan County, Taoyuan County in the early years. The government planned the road to the factory site for urban construction. Therefore, the factory was relocated to the south of Hsinchu City. The current location of 3 South Lake Road, Bali. This site is located at the intersection of Zhunan, Taufen and Hsinchu City, at the cross point of National Highway No.1 and National Highway No.3, near the beautiful golf course, and near the fourth Zhunan Biotechnology Zone of the Hsinchu Science Park. Excellent people, beautiful scenery and convenient transportation.

The company was established in the development period of Taiwan's agricultural society and has experienced the growth, maturity, and transition of the agricultural market. During this period, Taiwan’s economy has also progressed from the agricultural era, the industrial era, and the electronic communications era to the recent government’s active promotion and guidance. Biotechnology era.